Forged Skateboard Hardware
Andy sits next to the Braille team at the Braille House

Andy Anderson At Shredquarters

The guys at Braille skateboarding sit down with Andy Anderson. They asked a ton of questions about his soon to be released pro model.

First Andy had to explain the size. It is a big board. 9 x 33. There will also be a smaller version. Same shape, but only 8.5 x 32.

The flight deck construction allows for a really strong, light skateboard.

Then he goes on to tell us the reasons behind the shape of his board. Square tail for balance on pogos, triangle ‘wings’ on the tail for flip tricks, and a taper along the entire length that keeps the balance point exactly centered. Perfectly functional.

After they examine the board from tip to tail. Andy and the Braille team put the new board through its paces.

Watch and see it for yourself!