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SBC Skateboard Ad

SBC Skateboard Ad

in the Summer issue of SBC Skateboard mag, in collaboration with Platform Distribution, we ran a full page ad.

We reached out to the Vulcan Bolts skateboard team. Each rider was asked to submit skateboard and lifestyle photos. Everyone came up with something good.

But one photograph stood out from all the rest.

Niclolas Delvalle caught a stunning image. The blue sky, the panoramic feel of the street, the framing, and great timing on the shutter, all ad up to a great photo.

Andy Anderson flying over a parking meter in Los Angeles. Photo taken by Niclas Delvalle
Andy Anderson Original Photo by Nicolas Delvalle

He captured Andy Anderson flowing over a downtown Los Angeles parking meter. Check out the mini kicker in the right hand corner. This lives inside of Andy’s ambulance. Always ready to be pulled out in case of emergency.

Platform adjusted the shot to fit in with their ad layout. See below.

Andy Anderson Over The Parking Police
Andy Anderson Ollies over a parking meter for Vulcan Bolts

Huge thanks to both Platform Distribution and SBC Skateboard mag.

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