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online stores for Rumor Boardshop and Local 124 Boardshop

Vulcan Bolts Available Online

We keep getting asked to sell direct to skaters. People will hit us up on email, DMs, and even Facebook messenger.

We support the skateshop model. Skateboard shops are the second most important part of skateboarding. Riding your skateboard is the most important part 😉

Some of our favourite dealers have opened up online stores to sell Vulcan Bolts products to anyone in Canada.

Rumor Boardshop has been supporting Vulcan Bolts since day one. They are also supporting the skate scene in the Edmonton, AB area with contests, events, skateboard camps and more.

Rumor Boardshop in Leduc, Alberta has an online store that sells Vulcan Bolts products

Local 124 has decided to go online. They have resisted the online call, preferring to see customers in person to guarantee that they are riding the right board, wheels etc that they should be. Now they are setting up customers with the right gear over the internet.

Local 124 skate shop in Edmonton has an online store that sells Vulcan Bolts products.

Local 124 and Rumor Boardshop are both shipping across Canada, and if you ask nicely, they might even ship to the USA.

Support skate shops that support skateboarding.

These skate shops stock Vulcan Bolts hardware, Vulcan Bearings, Vulcan Grip, and the super popular Vulcan Skate Tool.

Support your local skate shop when ever you can. If you don’t have one near you, go online and support the good ones.

Independent skateshops are the lifeblood of skateboard culture. They give support to rising skateboarders. Allowing them to really push their ability and get noticed by the skateboard companies.

Rumor has brought us riders like Dustin Thierren and Austin Zuzak.

What new talent will be brought out with the support of your local skate shop?