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Brett Novak's short skateboard film NEON.

NEON : a short skateboard film

Neon is a short skateboard film by Brett Novak. It features Andy Anderson, Isamu Yamamoto, and Kilian Martin. The trio are captured by the master’s lens. He tells a fantastic story with visuals, and the skaters tell another story through skateboarding. Neon is amazing. can’t be loaded: NEON: a […]

Cheap Thrills Video Premiere

Held At SBC Restaurant On January 18th, Ty Williamson’s video Cheap Thrills was premiered on the wall. SBC Restaurant hosted an open skate jam before showing the video. Cheap Thrills features Jesse Holland, Shawn Beaupre, Kyler Hale, Andy Anderson, Michael James, and Travis Waller. The skateboarding was great! The crew […]

Skateboard contest poster


Mini Ramp Contest At SBC Restaurant Date: Sunday, February 19th Event Time: 2 to 8pm Location: SBC Restaurant, 109 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC The Smiling Buddha Cabaret has been reborn as SBC Restaurant, an amazing skate/music/art venue on the downtown Eastside of Vancouver. SBC houses a 65ft wide indoor […]