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NKA Vids And Andy Anderson

This summer, Nigel K Alexander has been filming a lot with Vulcan Bolts team rider Andy Anderson.

Nigel runs the successful NKA Vids channel on youtube. He focuses on long form videos that showcase skateboarding in the Los Angeles area. Always ready to shoot a clip or grab a broom to clean up a spot, Nigel works hard for skateboarding.

Andy and Nigel first met last year skateboarding at Cherry Park in California. Andy stands out from the average skateboarder and is equally willing to work hard to get a good clip. Either driving for hours to get to the spot, or jumping down a rail a hundred times to get the right rollaway, Andy is willing to put in the work.

The pair make great videos together. Andy joins the NKA crew in the clip below.

Nigel flew up to Vancouver, for a little skateboard trip with Andy from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, then to Hope and back. Check out this 6 part video series of Nigel in Canada.